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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Inspections

PROACTIVE is a leader in Indoor Air Quality testing and consulting. Over the past 35 years, PROACTIVE has completed thousands of indoor air quality evaluations in all types of buildings and occupational settings. Our experts determine the possible cause(s) of the problem and the location within the building of concern. With this information our IAQ professionals are able to focus their inspections and air quality testing. Once potential sources of contaminants are identified, our IAQ professionals utilize the latest sampling and analytical equipment to determine the levels of contaminants that can cause problems. Typically, we evaluate the HVAC system and test for carbon monoxide, excessive carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), formaldehyde, fungal spores, and particulates.

Once the testing and HVAC evaluation is completed, if a problem is identified PROACTIVE can develop a corrective action plan for the space or entire building. The plan provides recommendations to correct current IAQ problems and prevent future problems. If the plan requires the services of an outside contractor, PROACTIVE manage the bid process to secure the corrective work and oversee the contractor during the work.