Mold Consulting

PROACTIVE has the training and experience required to perform comprehensive fungal inspections and microbiological sampling to determine the locations and types of mold present in all types of buildings.

To survive in an indoor environment, mold needs a food source and moisture. The key to controlling mold is to prevent building materials from becoming excessively moist. PROACTIVE utilizes infrared cameras and moisture probes to identify the moisture content of building materials and to determine the sources of leaks and water intrusion. Bulk and air samples may also be utilized to provide data concerning indoor fungal growth. PROACTIVE will develop a corrective action plan for problems identified based upon our experience and industry standards. We can obtain bids from contractors and oversee the work of the selected contractor to ensure all mold is removed and the area is restored to its original condition.

PROACTIVE supplies superior clearance inspections and air sampling after mold remediation work. Our laboratory performs precise and timely analysis of fungal bulk and air samples.